Additional Services for Non-Profits


“Publicly supported charities must function under two basic legal assumptions.  Firstly, the Board of Directors is a public steward and has the responsibility of ensuring that the organization serves the interests of the larger community.  Secondly, the board is legally responsible for the affairs and conduct of the organization.  The extent to which non-profit organizations are capable and successful stewards is directly related to the effectiveness of the Board of Directors.  Those boards that are able to embrace change, plan strategically, and operate flexibly will be best prepared for meeting the challenges of their responsibility.”

LCK Consulting helps Non-Profit Boards:

  • Understand core responsibilities of governance, planning, capacity, advocating and performance
  • Develop and nurture characteristics of an effective board
  • Align board goals, roles and rules
  • Identify criteria and skill sets for membership

To meet current complex social needs, organizations must able to adapt and remain flexible while identifying new strategies to make continual progress toward achieving their missions.  This requires proper strategic planning of infrastructure and capacity building.

LCK Consulting works with Non-Profit organizations to help them:

  • Understand the essential elements of capacity
  • Assess current capacity and the alignment of strategic goals
  • Re-assess strategic goals and identify gaps in capacity
  • Identify opportunities and ideas to build capacity


All too often, non-profit organizations hyper-focus on their one main revenue stream – program funding.  In order to increase and maximize organizational effectiveness to achieve goals and mission, non-profits need to address capital, capacity and other important revenue streams in addition to funding for programs.

LCK Consulting works with Non-Profit organizations to help them:

  • Assess current growth trends and strategies
  • Identify ways to enhance and expand upon current strategies
  • Identify additional opportunities for other areas of growth
  • Develop strategies for areas of growth
  • Identify the resources needed to implement strategies

Simply put, succession planning is about developing leaders from within one’s own organization. It ensures that the right people, with the right skills are in the right place, and that these people are engaged and focused on the necessary activities to achieve positive results. 
 Succession planning is also about nurturing people to maximize their potential and create a workplace that will be well positioned to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Succession Plans are of the utmost importance in today’s workplace.   Demographic shifts, globalization, emerging communication, technologies and economic uncertainty have significantly changed the playing field of the workforce and subsequently altered what is required of its leaders. Those organizations, large and small, that have not engaged in thoughtful succession planning are at risk.

LCK Consulting works with Board of Directors and Executive Leadership to:

  • Build understanding of why succession planning is a critical business process and the key pitfalls to today’s succession planning initiatives
  • Explore the impact of future trends on succession planning practices and the leadership competencies necessary to compete in the next decade
  • Identify the key steps of succession planning for your organization