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A Message from Lauren

Throughout my 25+ year career, I have had the privilege of working in both large and small organizations, in positions ranging from relationship management to marketing and communications. Through this experience I gained a genuine appreciation for the challenges of being a jack of all trades in a small organization and the challenges of specializing within a larger organization. All this was at a time when my husband and I were starting our family – two active boys and a dog that often required more attention than the kids. Let’s just say Barley ended up training me well. I quickly learned how to juggle between my professional career, and my roles as a wife, mother and slave to the dog.

As my priorities changed, so did my career goals and path. As fate would have it, my journey has led right back to my original passion of working with individuals and organizations to help them succeed. I have always loved taking the individual and community based foundation of my social work training and applying them systemically within organizations.

Regardless of where I was employed or in what capacity, I continually found myself using these principles to coach and guide my colleagues, subordinates and even supervisors. Throughout my career, I have been most proud of those moments when I enabled and fostered the growth of the individuals and organizations I have had the good fortune of working with. It is from this joy that I draw my inspiration to encourage individuals and organizations to join me on their own journey to success and fulfillment.

Let’s face it, life is complicated these days; striking a comfortable balance between personal and professional lives, climbing the corporate ladder, stepping out and making a change into uncharted territory. All of these obstacles can be very challenging to navigate. Sometimes it’s hard enough to figure out where we want to be. How we are going to get there, what is getting in our way and what we need to do to make a change seems daunting. I believe that everyone, at every level, can benefit from a helping hand now and then. I look forward to helping you realize and achieve the full value of your potential.


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We work with you to meet your unique needs in areas such as:

  • Career navigation
  • Communication skills & relationships
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Development of others
  • Effective decision-making
  • Goal setting and execution
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership Presence
  • Self-assessment and awareness
  • Team effectiveness
  • Time management
  • Additional areas for non-profits:
    • Board development
    • Infrastructure and capacity building
    • Philanthropic growth strategies
    • Strategic planning
    • Succession planning
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“Growing other leaders from the ranks isn’t just the duty of the leader,
it’s an obligation.”

– Warren Bennis, author